Solar Energy

Our offerings in solar energy

Stepping towards cleaner energy.

We apply heritage of innovation to address challenges facing the power grids thus shaping the future of reliable electricity supply. The mission is to continually develop new solutions for greener and cleaner electricity, fostering the improved efficiency and reliability available from the solar power technologies.

These smarter technology is a question of relative affordability. A 'medium size' off grid solar system of 1500 Watts runs a LCD television, satellite dish, a DVD/VCR 5:1 surround music system, computer, toaster, coffeemaker, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, fans, fridge, blender, power tools and lights!

Developing a sustainability program is a hard responsibility but it's harder to know where to start. We can help with cleaner energy which is a great foundation for any sustainability program, with predictable long-term financial benefits that you can count on. And there are other benefits we can help you take advantage of: Community Engagement. We promote your sustainability efforts to your community and for your stakeholders.


Off-the-grid solar power plants

We offer our clients standalone Solar Power Plant that are completely independent from any electric utility grid. Standalone solar grid will collect and store solar energy typically generating from 5 kilowatts. Power generated from a standalone system is used to store in a batteries of inverter to meet the necessary demand at given facility. Standalone Solar Power Systems are the perfect choice for remote areas providing continuous reliable power.

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Operation and Maintenance

Low performance and poor operational condition is one of the biggest issues the solar PV power projects worldwide. A Large number of PV systems are under performing due to system design faults, frequent equipment failure, and unplanned grid failure or equipment mismatching. We practice and effect the set of monitoring standards called the "Standard for Photovoltaic system performance monitoring" (IEC 61724) to keep our client on profitable and sustainable management.

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